Thursday, July 30, 2009

July madham vandhaal

It’s quite surprising how your days seem to drag on and on and on to no end while an entire month flies off in a blink. A month with a good mix of happy and sad moments. Got hurt very bad sometime mid month. Very bad. Hope I am able to forget what happened very soon and patch things sometime in the future. Loads of work. The urge to quit becomes stronger. Rod of recession digs deeper. Work for money or work for satisfaction? Went out with some friends and as usual did our regular mokkais. Realised how much fun it is to hang out with people who’ve known you for over a few years. Our capacity increases 10 fold. Dance after dance, drink after drink, was a marathon night. A wild month, hectic, no time to breathe with soo much work & dance. G buys an iPhone. Spoke to M,M,R,A,V more often than i ever would. Cutty Sark. High. P. Oh more over met P for 15 mins thats the longest ive met him in a month now..!!.  Cracked about a million ideas to start-up a business with. None took off. Alnight jamming sessions with friends. A few birthday treats. A blog post on the travails of a 24 year old gets awesome response. Over a 100 comments. Sad and strange to see that a million more feel what I do. Few contacts added on Gtalk. Some1 gets in touch out of the blue. Drama ensues. Hit a dead end, again. I promise myself not to repeat it again. I will break it for sure. Like always, ended the month feeling sooper tired. Lost touch with a few. Got in touch with a lot more. Thinking of it, July was anything but eventful. Guess I have to start taking somethings/days with a handful of salt. 

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